Ivan #1: The Auction

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Word Count: 15,600 (novelette)
M/M/F – Male escort with male/female client couple. Full intimate contact among all involved.


Ivan is a 23-year-old bisexual man, a former high-end fashion model from Ukraine. Loved the money, hated the grind. He’s now one of Amity Proctor’s highest-earning escorts, and his going price is about to skyrocket.

Roland and Angelique Hawthorne are members of a traveling international circuit of kinky sex parties. They hire Ivan to act as their prize at a mock auction, but a last-minute glitch changes the rules of the game.

How much will the winning couple have to pay for Ivan’s services, and will he be worth it?


Naughty stories featuring nice men.

Male sex-worker. Prostitute. Rent boy. Whore. Then there are the somewhat evasive but more sophisticated terms, such as companion and consort. Some clients prefer the intrigue of courtly European euphemisms: the Italian cicisbeo, the French chevalier servant, the Spanish cortejo.

Escort service owner Amity Proctor doesn’t care which moniker a client slaps on the world’s oldest profession. As long as the wire transfer clears her corporate bank account before her boys arrive at an appointed location, it’s all good. The customer is always right.

Men of Distinction is a series of short stories, novelettes, and novellas featuring an elite group of straight, gay, and bisexual male escorts. Each Men of Distinction story is clearly marked regarding the sex of the featured escort(s) and client(s). There will be multiple stories featuring each escort, which are best enjoyed in the order indicated in the title.

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