Her Leading Man

Her Leading Man - A Behind the Scenes Novel

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Her Leading Man is a 127,000-word stand-alone romance novel with an unambiguous happy ending. While Kenley and Eli’s story does have sequel potential, the story does not end on a cliffhanger.


“My sister gets the cool movie-inspired name, and I’m named after a grandmother I never knew, plus it’s misspelled. It’s the story of my life.”

Kenley Hammond’s mother is an attorney with a high-profile firm in Boston. Her father is a Harvard-educated cardiac surgeon, and her older sister is a rocket scientist working for NASA.

No pressure to succeed, right?

Fed up with that intimidating pedigree paralyzing her into repeated failures, twenty-one-year-old Kenley quits culinary school midway through the year and leaves the cold winters of Cape Cod for the endless summers of Southern California. Her best friend from childhood has worked in Hollywood since the summer after their high school graduation, and she offers Kenley a place to crash and lines her up with a job.

Before long, Kenley is slinging snacks for Celluloid Craft Services on the set of Storm Front, a movie based on the first book in a series of wildly popular, moderately kinky romance novels. Kenley harbors no illusions that she can forge a career out of serving fancy finger sandwiches, raw veggies, and sparkling mineral water to Hollywood’s elite, but sexy actor-director Eli Munrothe biggest box-office draw of the past decadehas other plans for Kenley Hammond, Professional Quitter.

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