Enter Sandman

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Enter Sandman is a 44,000-word gay romance novella featuring an abduction survivor, a motorcycle club with a mission, and a sexy serial killer.


Time heals all wounds—except when it doesn’t.

Kerry Sullivan was a typical kid growing up with a loving family, right up until the day he discovered monsters were real. Nine years ago, on a beautiful spring evening, a trusted neighbor lured thirteen-year-old Kerry away from a neighborhood party in the upscale Massachusetts community of Marauders Sound. A chance to escape his abusive captor finally presented itself, but not until almost six years following his abduction.

Three years have now passed since his escape. After intensive therapy, Kerry is now a well-adjusted young adult of twenty-two, but he’s suffocating. His parents are as loving and supportive as ever, but their overprotectiveness is becoming increasingly stressful and a type of captivity all its own. Kerry knows the only way he’ll find peace and growth is to move out of his parents’ house so he can breathe again. Fate seems to smile on Kerry when he buys a cottage in a secluded neighborhood bordering a beautiful lake, with an equally beautiful man living across the street.

Shiloh Castille is the local handyman of the lakeside vacation community, and the best welcome wagon Kerry could’ve imagined. A sensual man defying labels other than the motorcycle club tattoos on his back, Shiloh seems to instinctively know what Kerry needs in order to forge ahead on the continuing road to emotional recovery.

Not all of Shiloh’s methods are exactly conventional, ethical, or even legal. But Kerry’s exposure to the darker side of the Medusa’s Revenge Motorcycle Club might prove to be the best therapy of all.

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